Student’s video insights from Seaview

As mentioned earlier, one aim of the project in Barbuda was to allow the field school students to record personal video footage of their experiences.  My hope was that these videos would provide a different frame of reference for the public and at the same time give the students a tool with which to further explore their own unique perspectives on the learning experience.  By thinking of ways to construct video narratives relating to the archaeological process, the students would be engaged in the project in a distinct way.  Each student approached this project in a different manner, but all of them seized the opportunity to produce something original while at the same time enhancing their understanding of archaeological field work.  The field school not only gave the students a rare opportunity to participate in a hands-on scientific research project, but also allowed them access to digital tools that would hopefully enrich their learning experience.  It appears they had a lot of fun as well!  The students collectively recorded 148 videos on their Flip cameras.  Included below are a few of the videos displaying a variety of aspects of the field project.

http://vimeo.com/22896688 http://vimeo.com/22896775


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