2013 Excavation at Skuggi

Excavation at the site of Skuggi, in Hörgárdalur, Iceland in 2009 revealed that our midden was lying within a small structure.

Work was resumed at Skuggi in June, 2013. A team of archaeologists from the CUNY Graduate Center, led by Ramona Harrison and Howell Roberts (FSI), participated.

We opened up a . . . → Read More: 2013 Excavation at Skuggi

Beginning of the End: Part 2

Area H shown partially finished

The excavation in Area H, which was a continuation of a trench begun two years earlier, proved very fruitful.  It was from this trench that the majority of bones and artifacts were recovered.  As the season began we had hoped to complete this area, getting down through all . . . → Read More: Beginning of the End: Part 2

Beginning of the End: Part 1

REU students Kim and Erin seiving

I apologize as it has been awhile since my last update.  As is usually the case, the last week or so on site is very hectic, this season being no different.  Also contributing to the delay has been the fact I’ve been on the road continuously since . . . → Read More: Beginning of the End: Part 1

Dirt, bones, buckets, and smoking pipes…and midges

Composite knife – bone and iron

Site update!  We are approximately halfway through the field season here and things are moving along very smoothly.  In Area E, where most of our focus has been, we have excavated down to a context between the 1410 and 1300 tephra layers.  Making it to this level . . . → Read More: Dirt, bones, buckets, and smoking pipes…and midges

Excursion to Svartárkot

Map of Lake Mývatn region showing locations of Skutustaðir and Svartárkot

On Sunday evening I left for an excursion into the interior of Iceland with three others to explore Svartárkot, another archaeological site.  Svartárkot is located 30 km south southwest from our current location at Skutustaðir, and approximately 75 km from the coast.  The . . . → Read More: Excursion to Svartárkot

Closing out Week 1

Veiðivötn 1477 tephra exposed in Area E

Most of our efforts for the past few days have been on Area E, around the house.  With seven people on site we’ve managed to take out a significant amount of soil very quickly, now getting down to the Veiðivötn 1477 tephra, and at the end . . . → Read More: Closing out Week 1

Day 1 at Skutustaðir – Shovel:Check; Trowel:Check; Bug spray:D’oh!

Our first day on site was a success.  Having a few extra bodies certainly didn’t hurt, made the deturfing and shoveling go much more quickly; thank you Howell, Etel, Celine, Stefan, and Oscar.  The weather here has been pretty nice, warm and overcast mostly, and the flies only slightly menacing.  Lake Mývatn (midge lake) . . . → Read More: Day 1 at Skutustaðir – Shovel:Check; Trowel:Check; Bug spray:D’oh!

Archaeological Video Project in Iceland

This summer will mark my eighth consecutive season of fieldwork in northeast Iceland.  I have been a part of several projects over the years that have sought to survey and excavate Viking Age and Medieval farm sites from the region, in an attempt to discover more about Norse historical ecology, economy, trade, and migration, . . . → Read More: Archaeological Video Project in Iceland